Show Schedule
December 27 & 28
Meet the Artist
David Riley
You'd be amazed at what one can create with just a few colors. For example, oil painter, David Riley uses transparent red oxide, ultramarine blue, and white on canvas to create paintings you can't take your eye off of.

When asked why he thought interest in his work has skyrocketed Riley answered, ''I think my work is an amalgamation - I've taken the traditional subject matter but given it a very contemporary feel.''

Most of Riley's work is in a large format with the background, having an ethereal or dreamlike quality. The subject stands out, giving it character. In a painting titled ''Happy Thoughts'', Riley uses composition to underscore his subject's enormous size. The bear's bust fills most of the space, his enormous body extending beyond the edges of the canvas. At the same time, the artist wanted to present the creature as ''gentle giant-esque,'' with a calm expression and an ethereal, dreamlike feel. ''I want the direct experience when you and the animal are looking each other in the eye, checking each other out. It's almost a more spiritual, palpable experience of one creature to anotherónot like seeing an animal on a trail,'' he says.

David will be bringing 11 new works that will be displayed in his show, of which a preview (though blurry) can be seen below. Please visit us at the gallery to see these new pieces in full detail.

An artist reception will be held for David Riley at Horton Fine Art on the Beaver Creek Resort Plaza this Monday & Tuesday, Dec 27th & 28th from 3:00pm until 8:00pm.

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!

Horton Fine Art