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September 27th - October 2nd
Blending Impressionism and Expressionism
Troy Collins
Painting with abandon and freedom, Troy Collins seemingly has the world captured and eagerly waiting to become one of his beautifully-crafted works of art.   As unabashed and free-spirited as a seasoned impressionist can hope to become, Collins has truly grasped his creative genius and has applied that inspiration to canvas.   In doing so, he has produced many of his greatest works to date.   Residing in Hamilton, Montana, Troy Collins creates canvases with energy and insight from his studio nestled in the middle of the Bitterroot Mountain Range. As a nationally renowned artist, Troy's paintings now grace the halls of the Pentagon, the US Ambassador to the UK's home, as well as many other locations throughout the United States. His style of painting, which focuses on both vibrant color and the effect that light and shadow have on his subject, truly allows him creative license to produce a visual experience that is undeniable as it captures each viewer's soul. The experience allows them to connect with the colors, texture, and design elements in an intimate way: which is completely unique and unforgettable.

Working mainly with a   palette knife, Collins often paints images from memory sometimes composing a scene based on the best elements from reference photos that he takes,   He   prefers aspen trees he says because, ''the characters of aspens are so different .   They're like people.   They have unique character. I have never seen two aspen that look alike...they are like snowflakes.


Watching Troy Collins paint is a spiritual experience in itself and a highly recommended for any and all art aficionados.      After all, the essence of art is to convey beauty and to allow an audience to be moved and inspired by what they see on the canvas.   Troy definitely has that skill perfected in every regard. He effectively uses his talent to create art that's soul has an inner meaning for all to enjoy.   By putting brush to canvas he is able to renew our own underlying need for beauty in our lives and the longing to understand nature as spiritual beings.
Saturday, August 22nd
Horton Fine Art Introduces
Yvonne Kozlina
Yvonne Kozlina's artwork is proof that a great painting is more than the technical ability to mix colors and apply paint to a canvas.

Yvonne has all those talents it is her passion for the wildlife and equine subjects she paints that sets her work above others of a similar genre. Her heartfelt commitment to care for and protect the animals she paints comes through her brush and onto the canvas with energy and vibrant colors. Passion helps her paint more than form. Intangible, but very real qualities like vitality, mood and personality become part of the artwork.

With a strong sense of purpose to use her art to create awareness and appreciation for animals Yvonne donates a portion of her art proceeds to causes that support animal welfare. She has recently moved to Colorado from the East Coast and Horton Fine Art is pleased to announce that she will be painting in the gallery Saturday, August 22nd from 11:00 am to 6:00pm.
July 3rd 2015
2pm -6pm
Carrie Fell