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Friday, September 2 - Sunday, September 4
Robert Snider
Trifecta: a bet in which the bettor wins by selecting the first three finishers of a race in the correct order.

Bob Snider's painting by that name is a winner no matter which horse crosses the finish line first. ''I love painting horses,'' he says, ''They're such noble creatures and the pageantry, color and energy in racing is a feast for the eyes. When you look at my paintings I want you to hear the thunder of the horses' hooves.''

Painting wasn't Snider's first vocation. He spent a very successful 30 years as an investment banker. One day a life changing thought came to mind, ''I can do whatever I want.'' He decided that what he really wanted to do was to paint, so he signed up for a beginner's painting class at a local community college and he never looked back.

Learning the principals of painting gave Snider a good foundation, but what concerns Snider now is controlling when and how he paints. Morning is when he feels he's at his most creative. Naturally an exuberant personality, Snider says, ''I've forced myself to paint slower. I make mistakes if I don't slow down, calm myself.'' Besides mistakes on the canvas, the artist muses his high-energy style got him in trouble with his wife, paint went flying everywhere on the floor, the walls, his clothes. Now the energy is focused on the canvas and his wife is his greatest fan.

You're invited to Horton Fine Art Gallery where Bob Snider will be painting in residence this Friday through Sunday.