About Us

Walt HortonThe seeds of our gallery, Horton Fine Art, were planted back in 1980 on the island of Bermuda. Walt Horton, my husband, had always had a very lively, creative side and, on moving to the island, we established an advertising agency. It was a very short journey for Walt to become the island’s favorite cartoonist with a cartoon strip in the Royal Gazette and marketing campaigns for the local police, education and environmental departments. Moving to Colorado in 1992 we intended on continuing with what was working so well when Walt fell in love with bronze sculpture. His background as a cartoonist, - story telling, capturing, animation and emotion and his innate ability to make people smile – took his artwork leaps and bounds beyond that of other artists with decades of experience. It wasn’t long before Walt became a beloved bronze artist. With representation in some of the country’s finest art galleries the signature piece “Repentance” and the classic “Rhodent Scholars” attracted international attention and are still sought after today.

Walt Horton In 2007 we opened our own gallery in Beaver Creek, Colorado, including other artists we are proud to represent. In that same year the unthinkable happened – Walt passed away. When you visit Horton Fine Art today you will be thrilled to see there are still some editions of Walt’s work available. You’ll also find that our son, Jesse, has become a sculptor of note in his own right. With all of his father’s talent and then some Jesse is carrying on the Horton legacy. A world traveler with Pacific Ocean expeditions studying whale migration and the Five Gyres, Great White Shark photography off the coast of South Africa and a year as pilot of a research submarine Jesse has much from his own life to bring to the table when creating sculpture. Horton sculpture may be our touchstone, but the gallery is full of works of other renowned artists we have chosen, many from Colorado, others from as far away as the New Zealand. Our goal is to have a collection that makes our visitors delight in returning again and again to see what’s new – and to take home a piece of art that they will treasure forever.