About Us

Walt HortonAfter 14 years in the valley, Walt Horton has taken the leap and opened his own gallery and working studio-with the help of his supportive wife, Peggy, of course. Known for his bronze children and bears, Walt's sculptures are alive with expression. "There's a genuineness and innocence with kids," Horton explains. "I have found that when adults view my work, they often feel moved and reconnected with memories of childhood." No matter what the subject, Walt believes in capturing the nuances of body language, facial expression, and emotion-filled gestures. He's been known to re-do the eyes of a piece 70 to 80 times before being satisfied. With his discerning eye, a bronze by Walt is always going to arouse some emotion and is sure to entertain.

Walt HortonSome consider Walt a fairly new sculptor, having begun in 1993 after Aspen galleries sparked his inspiration. Prior to that, he had a long career as a cartoonist during a seventeen-year adventure performing missionary work in Brazil and Bermuda. His Beaver Creek gallery found in the same building as the Park Hyatt features his own bronze works plus art from carefully selected artists. You'll find oils, acrylics, sketches, and other work in bronze. Plus, you never know what artist will be working on the next masterpiece in the studio.